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Sales and marketing unite

Revenue goals become a reality when you remove silos. Improve collaboration with a unified view of your customer's journey.

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Capture, convert, celebrate

With seamless lead capture, smooth handoffs, and advanced routing, you’ll create a better buying experience and win more customers.

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More leads, less management

Rapidly create and iterate on campaigns—and watch your leads roll in automatically, so you can focus on high-impact work.

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Most popular apps for lead management

Salesforce logo Salesforce
Hubspot logo Hubspot
Microsoft Dynamics 365 logo Microsoft Dynamics 365
Marketo logo Marketo
Slack logo Slack
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Create a seamless buying process

Remove friction from each stage of your buyer journey. Lead handoffs, follow-ups, and contract signing are smoother with automation.

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Keep your reps selling

Give your reps the full customer context and internal info they need to win. They’ll spend less time digging and more time closing deals.

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Adapt and scale your sales process

Keep up with the market by launching new programs quickly, measuring impact, and adjusting for maximum impact.

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Most popular apps for sales pipeline management

Salesforce logo Salesforce
Gong logo Gong
Hubspot logo Hubspot
PandaDoc logo PandaDoc
Slack logo Slack
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New insights on campaign performance

Create a unified view of your important metrics, making it easy to see the impact of your work, then further optimize it.

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Lean teams, limitless impact

Automate work that doesn’t need a human touch. You'll make time for high-impact work that moves the needle without adding headcount.

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Marketing automation that scales

Powerful automation that’s easy enough to be created and scaled by marketing—no developers required.

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Most popular apps for marketing campaign management

Hubspot logo Hubspot
Eventbrite logo Eventbrite
Mailchimp logo Mailchimp
Facebook Lead Ads logo Facebook Lead Ads
Google Analytics logo Google Analytics
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Productive reps, faster ticket resolution

Give your reps the info they need for each customer in one view, augmented with AI suggestions, so they can resolve issues faster.

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Unify your customer experience

Boost CSAT by capturing and actioning customer details, no matter what system they live in.

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Support that scales

Create systems tailored to your business to ensure your customer support processes work now and forever.

Illustration representing Customer Support Management

Most popular apps for customer support management

Zendesk logo Zendesk
RingCentral logo RingCentral
Slack logo Slack
Intercom logo Intercom
Help Scout logo Help Scout
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Easily move data where it needs to go

Ditch manual entry and move all your important data—whether it's leads, support tickets, or orders—at the speed of automation.

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Format data exactly how you need it

Pass info between tools in the specific format you need. You'll spend less time formatting info, and more time acting on it.

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Unlock insights and maximize results

Gather disparate data and funnel it into a single source of truth. You'll glean powerful insights you can act on.

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Most popular apps for data management

Airtable logo Airtable
Hubspot logo Hubspot
Google Drive logo Google Drive
MySQL logo MySQL
PostgreSQL logo PostgreSQL
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Kick projects off with ease

Automate the admin work—including dozens of tasks—that comes with project kickoffs and get moving faster.

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Keep work on track and on time

With automation, you can send task updates to relevant stakeholders can flag risks early if projects fall behind.

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Centralize project updates

Automatically send project updates to a central platform, so everyone knows where to get the most current status updates.

Illustration representing project management

Most popular apps for project management

Asana logo Asana
ClickUp logo ClickUp
Airtable logo Airtable
Slack logo Slack
Google Sheets logo Google Sheets
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Smoother communication

Tech stacks can be complex, but your responses don't have to be. Connect all your tools to deliver quicker, more coordinated responses.

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Faster speed to resolution

Automate the creation of new support tickets and quit the manual work. Empower your team to focus on improving stakeholder satisfaction.

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Focus on the technical issues, not on admin

Reduce clerical errors and keep your data accurate with automation—improving your speed to resolution.

Illustration representing ticket and incident management

Most popular apps for ticket and incident management

Zendesk logo Zendesk
Jira logo Jira Software Cloud
PagerDuty logo PagerDuty
ServiceNow logo ServiceNow
Datadog logo Datadog

Zapier empowers teams to build their own solutions

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Every lead captured and in the right place

"Zapier allows us to send leads from Marketo to Salesforce via webhooks with extreme reliability and ease.”

—Micaela Wright, Associate Digital Marketing Manager, Lucidchart

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Prioritize accounts that help you exceed targets

“Because of Zapier, all of the account managers are able to focus their time on key accounts and the channel strategy that drives revenue growth.”

—Alicia Roberts, Key Account Sales Manager, Fellow


Put your data to work to make informed decisions

"When I look at how many Zaps we run, it blows my mind… Zapier is a silent member of our team, and it connects so many pieces of our business to make us more effective."

—Caren Kelleher, Founder, Gold Rush Vinyl

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